CEG’s Annual Meeting:

October 21, 2015

Registration Opens Sept. 9

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Shaping Tech Valley’s
Economic Future

As the regional economic development and marketing organization serving an 11-county area in New York’s Capital Region, the Center for Economic Growth and its partners are focusing on innovation-driven, technology-based industries that will help regional communities and businesses compete and thrive. Our strategic pillars of focus are entrepreneurship, infrastructure, and workforce and education; identified by our investors as key factors for sustaining Tech Valley’s economic momentum.

We maintain an aggressive marketing campaign to attract new businesses and investment; and as a New York State-designated Regional Technology Development Center, are a national leader in assisting manufacturers and technology companies to increase their competitiveness.

Our effectiveness as an organization is rooted in the involvement and input of our investors. As a membership organization, CEG offers the benefits of networking, access to industry-specific networks and the opportunity to be involved on boards and committees to help set and support a regional agenda. The true benefit is seeing the big picture, but through a personal lens: Investment in CEG is an investment in the success of the region and in your organization’s growth agenda.

Join us at the table to help shape Tech Valley’s economic future.


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