The Capital Region has a variety of sites that offer valuable advantages to support business growth.  From shovel-ready sites and financial incentives to world-renowned universities and exciting lifestyle components, Tech Valley is a region that offers a business environment and quality of life second to none. 

The Center for Economic Growth widely supports these dynamic attributes and understands their significance. Major development sites throughout the Capital Region can be found here as well as through National Grid’s Shovel Ready website.

Shovel Ready Sites

New York State’s Shovel Ready certification is granted to sites deemed ready for new development and job creation through the performance of a checklist of pre-permitted items including wetlands, SEQR, archeological, utility preparation and access, subdivision, plus others. Business leaders and location consultants nationwide recognize the Shovel Ready designation as an indication of readiness and community commitment. They know these pre-permitted sites will reduce construction costs and development delays, saving them time and money. 

View more on shovel-ready sites in the Capital Region here.

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