Through the support of the Manufacturing Association of New York (MACNY), CEG launched the Manufacturing Intermediary Apprenticeship Program in the Capital Region. Under this program, CEG is approved by the New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) to act as a group sponsor for apprenticeship programs and acts as an intermediary between companies and the DOL. In this role, CEG administers employer-driven programs focused on building the talent pipeline and expanding registered apprenticeship in NYS.

Registered Apprenticeship programs train new employees in two ways. The first is On-The-Job-Training (OJT), which consists of a journey worker or other skilled employee sharing their experience with an apprentice. The apprentice is a full-time employee who does productive work under the supervision of their mentor. This mentor assists their apprentice with hands on training and providing meaningful feedback. The second aspect is Related Instruction (RI), which takes place offsite, typically in a classroom and teaches the theoretical and knowledge-based aspects of the trade.


CEG specializes in Manufacturing and IT Apprenticeships

Our Manufacturing trades include:

  • Machinist & CNC Machinist
  • Industrial Manufacturing Technician
  • Electro-Mechanical Technician
  • Brewer/Distiller 
  • Welder (Industrial)

Our IT trades include:

  • Computer Support Technician
  • Data Analyst
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Software Developer

Interested in hosting an apprenticeship program?

CEG can help you administer and manage the program through our Group Sponsor status.


Funding Opportunities


CEG charges a modest administrative fee for the management of apprenticeship programs. There are funding streams available to help offset those and other costs related to apprenticeship programs. Funding may include tax credits, wage reimbursement, tuition assistance, and other incentive funding. CEG can help you apply for and coordinate these funding opportunities; some of which are listed below.

If you’re interested in starting a program and building your talent pipeline, please contact Christine at

SUNY Tuition Program

  • $5000 tuition credit for apprenticeship-related instruction at any SUNY college
  • Only available for advanced manufacturing, software & IT, healthcare trades, and other sectors non-construction
  • More info>> 

Small Manufacturers Wage Reimbursement

  • 50% wage reimbursement for apprentices for wages up to $25p/hour over 6 months maximum
  • Available to manufacturing companies <50

Empire State Apprenticeship Tax Credit

    • A full-refundable tax credit starting at $2000 per apprentice, increasing $1000 p/year until the apprentice completes
      • If a disadvantaged youth, credit starts at $5000
      • More info>> 


Apprenticeship Expansion Grant

  • Provides funding to cover costs associated with training apprentices to certified New York State Registered Apprenticeship sponsors.
  • Reimburses costs including wages, Related Instruction, OJT, books and tools
  • More info>>  






Funding Partners