Our team of professional and partners are ready to help you navigate as you adjust to changing markets, competition, and technologies. Need to bench-marking your business’ current state?  Conduct strategic planning for long term growth?  Get assistance with market research?  Deepen your teams sales skills?  Acquire tools and skills to improve your performance and operations?

Strategic Planning

Long term growth can only be sustained by developing the strategies, plans and real world actions needed to achieve revenue growth. Through programs such as Value Prop Accelerator and Exportech, CEG can guide and coach you through building these strategies. These programs are dynamic and hands-on, landing you on your best action plan for true revenue growth.


Market Development

Understanding your customer and your market is a priority to expand your business through the development and introduction of a new product, technology, or capability. CEG can assist you with market research using the Technology Driven Market Intelligence process that has been proven and employed with fortune 100 companies.


Sales Training

CEG offers a distinctive, non-traditional selling system and highly effective sales training methodology at all levels through Sandler Training. For more than 40 years this system has helped salespeople, and sales managers, take charge of the process by creating a lasting “performance improvement” rather than the motivational “quick fix” typical of many seminar-based training programs.


Funding Partners