CEG makes Albany/NY’s Capital Region stronger through our strategic industry attraction and growth efforts. We are focused on globally competitive industry clusters, including semiconductors, clean energy, advanced manufacturing, life sciences (i.e., biomanufacturing/bioprocessing), software development (i.e., gaming).

Thanks to our longstanding relationships with regional businesses, local economic development organizations, elected officials, state agencies, workforce development partners, and colleges and universities we can serve as a single point of contact to help businesses seamlessly navigate the governmental, financial, and logistical terrains of NY’s Capital Region.

Considering Albany/NY’s Capital Region? Our team of experts can connect you to the right people and resources to relocate or expand your company here.

We offer the following client-driven services to companies and consultants, tailored to your needs:

We understand that each company has unique requirements when it comes to relocating or expanding. Call us to discuss how we can help make your experience a positive and successful one.

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