Attracting and retaining talent is a considerable challenge facing employers today. One solution to meet the growing manufacturing workforce need is to capture the skills and abilities of the New American talent pool. In 2022, an estimated 3,061 refugees and asylees assignments were made to Albany County alone. Even more immigrated to the region. Capturing that talent is one way to meet a growing workforce need, but you don’t have to do it alone!

The Center for Economic Growth (CEG) can assist with developing your coordinated approach to talent development, including tapping into the pipeline of immigrants and refugees in the region and continuing through next level training and professional growth opportunities.

Partner services:

Partners throughout the region are working with immigrants and refugees from Afghanistan, Ukraine, and other parts of the world. These individuals have the documentation required to work in the United States and are eager to do so. With a variety of skills and experiences, hiring from these groups can fill positions at entry, managerial, and professional levels.

Professional Pathways Job Coaches, USCRI, Albany

Goal: To help high-skilled immigrants refugees find a job that matches their qualifications and skills.

Eligibility: Permanent residence and work authorization, Bachelor’s degree or equivalent documented experience, proficiency in English at intermediate or advanced level.

Services: Document translation and verification, ESL training, assist with transportation and childcare, ongoing monitoring post-placement.

Job Board

Employment Services, RISSE

Goal: To equip refugees and recent immigrants to build sustainable, independent lives by offering language and literacy instruction, as well as support with life skills and integration into U.S. culture and community.

Services: Supportive services to job seekers pre- and post placement including ESL training, computer literacy and computer access.

Additional services:



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