VentureB is a quarterly program designed for entrepreneurs/start-ups to gain valuable pitch coaching and visibility to the region’s angel and institutional investors, business service providers, advisers, students, faculty, alumni and the early-stage business community.

Eligible Companies

Candidates for VentureB Plan pitch program often have:

What to Expect

CEG and our partners work with start-ups to coach their team prior to the venture pitch that then ends in an open public pitch to regional investors and business leaders.  There may be as many as 3 coaching sessions.

Up to two entrepreneurs/start-ups will showcase their companies to a panel of investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders, as well as the general public.  Following a 12-minute PowerPoint presentation, the panel will ask the presenter questions and provide feedback.  Video of the presentation is provided to the start-ups to help them review and improve their pitches. 

Benefits to Companies

  • Assistance in developing venture pitch
  • Opportunity to showcase business ideas before professional and angel investors
  • Network with local business community
  • Formalize feedback from investors and professionals

Benefits for Audience

  • Hear first-hand about new ventures in Tech Valley
  • Hear first-hand what investors are looking for
  • Network with local business community

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