What is Startup Tech Valley?

Meetup for first-time entrepreneurs, experienced entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, employees of startups, service providers to startups, and anyone else who wants to be involved or is curious.

What to Expect:

Connect + Engage. Start with networking and then get introduced to startups through informal pitch sessions.

Startup Tech Valley is returning this fall! After a successful comeback in April 2024, with over 150 attendees, we’re excited to continue the momentum. Check out the pitches from our previous event and stay tuned for more information.

Furniture BnB

FurnitureBnB is a one-stop shop web platform to outfit themed Short Term Rentals [properties] with thoughtfully curated collections of high-impact furniture known to increase rental revenue. Sourcing and selecting photogenic pieces so you don’t have to. Which, in turn, makes beautiful design quick and easily accessible to the investor/owner. 

Thin Air

Thin Air eliminates the concept of “tabs” on your computer. It introduces a new computer interface enabling you to have more screen space with no additional monitors. Organize, work, and collaborate like never before on Thin Air.


As a research and data science organization, our mission is to further the frontiers of speech analytics. We strive to redefine tone of voice by detecting subtle cues in executive communication invisible to the human ear. Our data services deliver an informational edge to help clients anticipate stock moves, spot incongruities between words and tone, and navigate volatility with confidence.


Wolfjaw Studios is a development studio based in Troy, New York, developing online game services with a keen focus on player experience.


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