Week 1 | May 12: Policy & Regulation

Download Presentations: Energinet: The Clean Energy Future: Transmission & Policy | Lessons Learned from the Danish Experience

Week 2 | May 19: Manufacturing & Installation

 Speaker Bios | Agenda

Week 3 | May 26: Port Infrastructure

Week 4 | June 9: Jobs & Training

Speaker Bios | Agenda

Download Presentations: Socioeconomic Impacts of Offshore Wind | Maersk Training – Training for the Wind Industry | Esbjerg Energy Metropol Transition Experience

Week 5 | June 16: Operations & Maintenance

Speaker Bios | Agenda

Week 6 |  June 23: Electrical Transmission

Speaker Bios | Agenda

Download Presentations: Energinet | Ørsted

Week 7 | June 30: Financing

Download Presentation: Financing Offshore Wind – EKF  | Video: Introduction to EKF  | Video: Veja Mate Offshore Wind Farm

Purpose of the Tours:

To enable state and local stakeholders to learn more about offshore wind opportunities through a dynamic, interactive and memorable event; connect stakeholders with relevant counterparts in Denmark so they can discuss aspects which are of particular relevance to their specific needs; and contribute in a meaningful way to the building of a significant, viable, cost-competitive offshore wind supply chain in New York.

Tour Structure:

Each tour consists of multiple themed Sessions, each of which is independent, and which we prepare based on specific needs. During the session, we will introduce attendees to the topic through presentations from industry experts, video tours, interviews and more.


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