Cambridge Valley Machining Doubles in Size

“The work done by the CEG team over the past 17 years has contributed invaluably to our growth. Over time, our team and I have come to rely on CEG as a trusted advisor – we often include them in our discussions and value their opinion.

They, in turn, bring cutting edge programs to us as a NIST MEP Center which we strive to take advantage of routinely. CEG has contributed significantly to the overall growth of CVM’s value as a company and helps us tackle our very important challenges in our pursuit of excellence and innovation. If you are open to meaningful relationships from outside sources to help your organization continually improve and achieve excellence, give CEG a call.”

– James D. Moore, President
Cambridge Valley Machining, Inc.


In 1996, CVM began working with the Center for Economic Growth, Inc. (CEG), a NIST MEP network affiliate and NYSTAR designated Regional Technology Development Center for the Capital Region of NY state. The initial project stemmed from a need to become ISO certified which helped to retain an existing European client at that time, and earn additional clients in the ensuing years. Since then, CVM has turned to CEG as a resource to drive productivity/continuous improvement as well as growth and innovation, executive coaching / strategy, compliance with regulatory certifications, and assessments to evaluate opportunities to innovate and excel operationally.


CVM has worked with CEG to drive productivity/continuous improvement as well as growth and innovation: Supervisory training; AS9100; Training Within Industry – Job Relations, Job Instruction, and Job Methods; the full Lean Suite of training; CEOConnex (executive strategy); International Traffic Arms Regulations (ITAR); Sandler sales training; Innovation Engineering – Leadership Institute, Jump Start; Invention USA television show; Pollution Prevention Institute ISO 50001 Assessment; Semiconductor Assessment; ExporTech Workshop; and, general executive coaching / strategy discussions. Most recently CEG provided CVM with Quick Changeover/Set-Up Reduction training. Quick Changeover is a method of analyzing an organization’s manufacturing processes and then reducing the materials, skilled resources and time required for equipment setup. Using the quick-changeover method helps to reduce downtime by improving the setup process for new product launches and product changeovers. It also allows an organization to effectively implement small batch or even single unit (one-piece flow) production.

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