Are You Focusing on what brings Value in Your Business?

It may be time for a more advanced diagnostic. 


Having worked with hundreds of business owners, we see the same frustration and angst, over and over again.

More often than not we hear that business is not growing as it had historically or as an owner feels it could. Sound familiar?  So should that fate [slow or no growth] be accepted or is there a better path?  We believe the latter is possible, but it requires business owners taking responsibility to themselves and their teams to take control.

We know business owners can take control and grow again.

It only takes one thing. Stop thinking of your business as a financial statement, and start treating your business like an engine. It is an operating engine first, and your financial results are simply the output. So if you want growth, new opportunities and control, do what you do best – dig into the operating side of your business.

Where to begin?

CEG will work with your key executive team and operational leaders to conduct a CoreValue benchmarking assessment called Discover.  During this period of 3-4 hours we will help you dive deep into 18 operational drivers and using powerful algorithms and industry data, we can help you  identify the high level bottlenecks to growth and operational performance. You will know in real dollar terms what needs to be fixed and the value of the fix. Then you can decide the best path forward.

How can it be that easy?

Well truthfully, it has taken our partners at CoreValue over 30 years of research, infield testing with thousands of businesses, and hundreds of experts working together to make it simple. Starting at MIT, where experts and owners joined a movement to create a standard operational framework for growth and value creation. The result is ‘Discover’ – a tool that is elegantly simple, already vetted by thousands of your peers, and it’s free.

If taking control matters. If growing your business matters.

Then think about your business as an engine, and measure your engine. You do this with your car so why not your business? It’s time to ‘Discover’ what’s under the hood. And, to start enjoying the journey a bit more … this is the fun part of owning and running a private business.


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