Collaborative Solar Procurement

CEG SolarGEN is a collaborative solar procurement initiative. Such collaborative solar procurement is an established practice that has proven to diffuse not only barriers for participating organizations but also for developers. Campaigns actively engage their targeted community providing solar education and geographically localization of participating organizations. These efforts assist in lowering costs for campaign participants.


Why Sign up for CEG SolarGEN?

Save time and save money by accessing CEG’s vetted solar developers at a discounted price.

CEG SolarGEN has selected five solar developers based on their certifications, experience, equipment and pricing following a competitive request for qualifications (RFQ) process. Developers will provide individual BIDS for your facilities using the campaigns established criteria and baseline price!

Who CEG SolarGEN Benefits:

Manufacturers and commercial enterprises interested in installing PV arrays with an installed solar power generation capacity of 25kW and greater.


CEG SolarGEN streamlines the solar process

The CEG SolarGEN Campaign seeks to streamline the solar process in the Capital Region for Solar Developers and customers. Our goal is to have an additional 5 – 10 megawatts of solar photovoltaic arrays built as a result of the SolarGEN Campaign.

Benefits to you:

Pre-qualified developers Free site specific BIDs by multiple developers Expert advice and information Special group discount



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