November 11 2022

Week in Review: November 7, 2022-November 11, 2022

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Times Union: Sere you Seen at the Center for Economic Growth’s annual meeting?



Albany Inno – Inside plans for Rocket Science’s new Glenville studio

“Plans for Rocket Science’s headquarters are starting to take off.

The company, which fulfills development contracts for other video game companies, purchased a 9,000-square-foot former firehouse in Glenville for $350,000 and is investing roughly $1.5 million for a full renovation.”

Logistics companies growing in Albany area

“The region’s logistics companies are in the middle of an industry undergoing a boom.

Despite supply chain concerns and worldwide inflationary pressure, logistics companies have been riding a wave of growth since the pandemic forced consumers and companies to rethink how they obtained products.”

RPI’s new I-Corps grant expands opportunities for local startups

“A new grant for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute will help the region’s innovators find customers, pinpoint a market and eventually turn their idea into a business.

The City University of New York was designated as a hub by the National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps programs in 2021 with a $15 million grant. Rensselaer has been chosen as a CUNY partner institution this year and will officially join the program in January.”

Mushrooms, psylocibin growing interests for Troy’s Collar City Mushrooms

“Mushrooms are having a moment.

The New York Times recently named them the “Ingredient of the Year.” General Motors has invested in a California startup that’s using them to make imitation leather. Michael Pollan’s bestseller, “How to Change Your Mind,”about hallucinogens, is now a Netflix series. And here in the Capital Region, Troy’s Collar City Mushrooms is farming fresh, gourmet fungi, running as fast as they can to meet constantly increasing demand.”

Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh talks about the march to profitability and the race to boost production

“Plug Power just started production at its $94 million factory in the Vista Technology Campus in Bethlehem last weekend and the company already is figuring out when it will be time to expand.

That is just one part of the strategy for the electrolyzer and hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer as it races to increase capacity while constructing more hydrogen generation plants across the world.”

Albany Inno – Scan2Plan hit a breaking point but used it to build for growth

“In June of 2021, Scan2Plan hit its limit.

The now-Troy-based company — which works with architecture and design firms to map spaces — maxed out its capacity for projects. And it was a wake up call for CEO V. Owen Bush.”

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