August 30 2021

STEM Careers: Manufacturing Awareness Campaign RFP

1. Purpose

The Center for Economic Growth (CEG), Business Growth Solutions Group and Regional Manufacturing Extension Partnership Center is seeking proposals from qualified and experienced marketing and media firms to support up to 10 regional manufacturers in development and deployment of STEM Career videos and related content targeted towards middle school and high school students, particularly in underserved or represented communities. 

2. Background Info


Prior to COVID19, regional small and medium sized manufactures struggled to fill positions for skilled and technical trades. Post COVID19, this gap in pipeline of workers has been amplified among all industries.  For years we have been advocating to our youth the value of 2-year and 4-year degrees.  But we are neglecting providing them amble opportunities to explore various career opportunities through internships, coops, and early employment within industry, prior to pursing a degree.  Studies show that individuals with technical degrees, such as engineering, will perform better when they have prior relevant hands-on experience. These individuals are also more highly sought by employees and are on higher wage-earning paths.  Programs are in development to better feed the pipeline into more entry-level and skilled career paths (that are in high demand) and tying those jobs to pathways to a future degree, i.e.  pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs. 

More needs to be done to communicate to our middle and high school communities on the career opportunities in the manufacturing industry as well as the benefits of exploring a technical career early, prior to pursuing a 2- or 4-year degree.  One aspect of this effort is to provide manufacture’s the “tools” they need to engage with middle and high school students, of which this RFP is focused.

About CEG

The Center for Economic Growth (CEG) is dedicated to driving economic growth in New York’s eight-county, 1.1-million-person Capital Region. As the nonprofit regional economic development organization, we do this by attracting investment and talent; growing manufacturing and workforce capabilities, leveraging industry clusters, and developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We serve as a catalyst and work with partners and stakeholders to prepare the region to compete and move high-impact strategies and projects forward. An affiliate of the Capital Region Chamber, CEG is supported by investors in business, government, education, and the nonprofit sectors who are committed to sustainable economic growth and shared prosperity. For more information on CEG, visit

Through CEG’s Business Growth Solutions (BGS) team, CEG services small to medium sized companies (SMEs) across several industries.  Serving as a Technology Development Center and the Regional Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) center, part of the New York State MEP, a program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), CEG has helped drive nearly $900 million in impact for small and medium sized manufacturers over the past 18 years.  Because of this critical role, BGS will be on the front lines of implementing the output from this analysis.

3. Scope of Work

The selected contractor will help CEG develop video and media content and promote that content to middle school and high school students, teachers, parents, counselors, and other related STEM career focused stakeholders.  The content and media will made available to both career seekers and manufacturing employees on an established web portal where it is maintained by the contractor, having an established plan to sustain the portal.  Within this scope of work, 10 regional manufacturers, within the counties of Greene, Columbia, Albany, Rensselaer, Schenectady, Saratoga, Warren and Washington Counties, will be supported in this effort.


  • Video creation, including content gathering, editing, and publishing.
  • Establish or leverage existing web portal allowing students to watch and view different manufacturer career content and promotional video.
  • Web portal should also guide job seekers and student on available educational programs, workforce training programs, etc. within the capital region.
  • Establish or leverage existing web portal allowing manufacturers to share video, careers internships, blogs, etc. to potential students and job seekers.
  • Promote Employee web portal content via social media, email campaigns, blogs etc.
  • Assisting & Training Manufacturing HR representative on use of portal/platform.
  • Model media engagement “as a service” in support of creating a sustainable platform and business model for ongoing support of manufacturing as a career, i.e. manufacturers would pay an annual membership for access to the portal

4. Budget

The budget for this project is $49,999, inclusive of expenses.

5. Schedule

RFP Available: 8/30/2021

Proposals Due: 9/20/2021

Optional Interviews: 9/20/21 to 9/28/21

Consultant Selected: 10/1/2021

Contract Executed and Start Work: 10/1/2021

Overall Project Completion Date:  12/31/2021

6. Submission Requirements

CEG requests the following items from all respondents to this RFP:

1) A presentation and summary of qualifications of the team

  • List of officers, directors, and partners of the firm
  • List and resumes of the project manager and all project team members that will work on this assignment
  • List of any professionals not associated with the respondent to be used as sub-consultants on the project, their qualifications, resumes, and contribution to the project
  • A description of the applicant’s current level of activity and the resources available to complete the project on schedule
  • A description of representative assignments completed by the applicant in the past three years, particularly those contracts that are relevant to this engagement.
  • List of at least two clients served within the past two years who can be contacted as references – including the names of the individuals, website addresses, telephone numbers, and email information.

2)  A formal written proposal and work plan that includes:

  • A clear demonstration of the applicant’s understanding of the scope of work outlined in this RFP.
  • A clear demonstration and statement that the applicant has the necessary staff and experience a to complete the scope of work professionally and in accordance with the project completion date.
  • Evidence of a record of performance by the firm to complete projects professionally, on time, and within the project budget.
  • The anticipated timetable, staff hours and assignments, and budget needed for the completion of the scope of work.
  • A proposed organizational chart for the project including the names and titles of all staff that will work on this assignment. Include the organizational chart, the proposed staffing allocation (including support staff) that will be used to ensure the project tasks are accomplished in a timely manner.
  • Any other information that the respondent wishes to provide CEG for the selection process.

7. Schedule of Fees

Please note the total fees for the services requested in this Request for Proposals cannot exceed $49,999. The breakdown of all fees and the allocation of hours must be presented by task in the Scope of Work, Section 3.0.

CEG expects the project funding to be sufficient to complete the scope of work as outlined in Section 3.0.

8. Proposal Evaluation and Selection

All proposals will be evaluated by CEG. The applicant selection will be based upon the relevant technical expertise of the firm and staff assigned to work on the project, a clear demonstration of the respondent’s understanding of the project scope of work, the applicant’s familiarity in the space, and the quality of the proposed final presentation.

No oral presentations will be required as part of this request for proposal process, however, respondents may be contacted directly by CEG for additional information or for the clarification of any information presented. Additionally, there may be an informal interview process with the finalists if needed.

9. Award and Contract

CEG reserves the right to reject any or all proposals that are submitted in response to the RFPs.

CEG reserves the right to change the scope of work requested in this RFP during any phase of this project. Any change in the scope of work may result in a proportionate change in fee and project schedule. Any change in fee and schedule shall be negotiated to the mutual satisfaction of CEG and the applicant and will be reflected in a written amendment to the contract documents that are executed by both parties.

Any expenses incurred by the respondent in the preparation of a proposal shall be borne by the submitting firm with the express understanding that the respondent shall not apply to CEG for the reimbursement of any such expenses. CEG a shall not be responsible for the return of any proposal which have been submitted in response to the RFP and shall be free to dispose of any such submittals as it sees fit.

10. Compliance

Partial funding for this project was provided from the US Department of Commerce, National Institute for Science and Technology and New York Stated Empires State Development Division of Science, Technology & Innovation. All work must comply with all federal and state laws and statutes.

11. Other Conditions of the Contract

  • Documents – All electronic and hard copy reports and documents prepared by the consultant under the provisions of this RFP and contract shall be the property of CEG.
  • Prevailing Wage – Any employees or subcontractors used in the RFP must adhere to NYS Prevailing Wage Schedules.
  • Books and Records – Applicant will follow GAAP for books and records, maintain bills, invoicing, and time allocation records related to this project. Applicant will also be required to provide monthly updates on project progress.
  • Payment – All payments will be made by CEG to the applicant on a timely manner. These payments shall be condition upon the completion, acceptance, and approval of all the applicants work by CEG. As noted in this RFP, all applicants work on this project must be entirely complete by 12/31/2021.   Payments will be made on a milestone basis outlined in the contract agreement.
  • Insurance – The applicant is required to carry and show evidence through a certificate of insurance that the following coverage is in place:

Type                                                                                      Coverage Amounts

NYS Workers Compensation                                          New York Statutory Requirements

General Liability                                                            $1 million combined single limit

Automobile (hired and non-owned auto)                        $1 million             

CEG will be named additional insured on the consultant’s general liability and automobile insurance policies.

12. Submission Procedures and Deadlines

The deadline for the submission of a proposal in response to this RFP is Sept 20th, 2021. All proposals must be received digitally, via email, by 3pm on the deadline date at A returned email from will confirm receipt on September 21st, 2021 by 3:30pm.

13. Contact

The contact person for respondents and application to this RFP is:

Michael Lobsinger
Senior Vice President – Business Growth Solutions
Capital Region Manufacturing Extension Partnership – Center Director
Center for Economic Growth (CEG)

41 State Street, Ste 705, Albany, NY 12207
Ph. (518) 465-8975 x 238 |

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