August 29 2017
Clean Technology,Manufacturing

Solar Energy is Saving Over 4,567 New York Businesses Money Every Day

As of January 2017, over 4,567 New York businesses have installed solar energy. They have all taken non-value added space and transformed it into real-estate that is lowering energy costs.

Business leaders are choosing solar to cut costs, help their bottom line and plan for the future.  The sharp decline in pricing and increasing cost of a kilowatt hour (kWh) have brought about favorable economic savings for businesses, persuading them that the up-front cost is worth the long term (25 year) savings and security of locked in electrical rates.

The market continues to evolve. New beneficial policies and distinctive programs are pushing solar as an accessible energy option.

New York adopts Value of Distributed Energy Resources

Solar has come a long way in New York and a recent policy change is advancing the solar market further by providing monetary credits for kWh hours imported to the grid. Historically, these credits hold a value equivalent to that which would be purchased by you from the grid. With the new policy that has changed.

Previously unrecognized environmental, locational and time of generation values now have recognized monetary value. Combined with other value components a kWh that is generated and imported to the grid can carry a greater value than the cost of a kWh you purchase helping to further lower energy costs.

With the decrease in hard costs and the increased value of solar energy to the grid, a project that didn’t make business sense last year could now pencil out.

CEG SolarGEN’s new campaign lowers costs further

CEG’s SolarGEN program has leaned out the process to reduce soft costs and help your organization make a quick solar determination.

Fill out the Solar Site Profile, have CEG schedule a group site visit and one-on-one meetings and finally review proposals. And best yet, there is no obligation to sign a contract.

Don’t be the one left behind. Find out if your facilities roof can reduce your organizations bottom line!

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