March 20 2020

The Share Work Option for Manufacturers Looking to Keep Workers Safe and Meet Workforce Reductions

Manufacturers looking for ways to keep their workers safe and reduce their workforces to 25 percent in response to COVID-19-related reduction requirements may want to consider a Share Work Program. This New York State Department of Labor program enables employers to keep trained staff and avoid layoffs.

Capital Region companies interested in a shared work program should email Amanda Vitullo, Director of Economic Development Services at CEG.

Important Share Work Program considerations include:

Reduce hours of employees anywhere from 20-60 percent.

Difference made through unemployment insurance for up to 26 weeks.

Can help spread out workers on shop floors to enhance safety.

Employers must have minimum of two employees to qualify.

Allows employees to retain full fringe benefits. 

Share Work Programs Can be activated in numerous ways.

Employees can work less time overall each day, and have balance paid by unemployment insurance, or, they can work less days overall a week and have the balance of days paid by unemployment insurance

New York State Department of Labor (DOL) must approve a Shared Work Program. Applications can be submitted via UI Online Services

View more information on the Share Work Program here.

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