March 12 2018

Saratoga Springs video game company acquired by South Korean studio

Albany Business Review

By: Chelsea Diana

MadGlory, the Saratoga Springs, New York, video game company, has been acquired by PUBG Corp., a video gaming studio out of Seoul, South Korea.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The Saratoga company, now known as PUBG MadGlory, was created by Brian Corrigan in 2012. Corrigan has made a career in video gaming within the Albany area at companies like Multimedia Games, Agora Games and Major League Gaming.

“A couple of years ago we started taking advantage of federal research and development credits, and developed a product … and [PUBG Corp. was] a customer of ours,” Corrigan said. “We started working with these guys, and within a month, we were coming up with great ideas. They have one of the largest games in the world right now.”

MadGlory makes software for online video games, such as matchmaking, tournaments and chat. As part of the acquisition, the company is creating a PUBG Developer Portal for community developers to create tools, websites and add-ons.

“It’s hard being a little independent studio, there’s different stresses all the time,” Corrigan said. “I always said, if we found a big one that felt like a home, we’d think about it.”

Corrigan said the studio will start to wind down projects with other companies and focus on supporting PUBG’s games. PUBG MadGlory currently has 30 employees and is looking to grow more with this acquisition.

PUBG Corp. is focused entirely on development and business opportunities for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a multiplayer online battle royale game. It had the fifth highest earnings of any PC game in January, according to a story from VentureBeat.

PUBG Corp. is a subsidiary of Bluehole, the developer of the popular action online game TERA, which has more than 25 million registered users worldwide. It has offices in Seoul; Santa Monica, California; and Amsterdam, Netherlands; among other locations.

The acquisition comes as the video gaming community in the Albany area is building a broader community. There are 14 video game studios in the region, according to report from the Center for Economic Growth released last week. Those companies employ around 352 people, 285 of which are software developers.

Corrigan said this acquisition is another example of that community growing.

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