July 3 2018
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New York’s Tech Valley Makes a Major Showing in Silicon Valley

NY Nanotech Summit, Co-Organized by AIM Photonics and CMPUG, with Prominent NY Tech Pavilion, to Highlight Innovation-Based Business Growth Opportunities in New York State

ALBANY, NY – SUNY Polytechnic Institute (SUNY Poly), in partnership with the American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics (AIM Photonics), The Chemical Mechanical Planarization Users Group (CMPUG), Empire State Development (ESD), and NY Loves NanoTech, today announced that select scientists from these organizations and a number of the institution’s corporate partners, along with New York State economic development experts, will share R&D and economic engagement updates at the globally recognized SEMICON West 2018 conference July 10-12 in San Francisco, California.

This year, SUNY Poly and AIM Photonics-based researchers, with other top scientists from around the nation who are part of the national Department of Defense-led initiative, will share progress reports and technology updates related to AIM Photonics as it enables first-of-its-kind capabilities for its growing list of partners and members. In addition to technical presentations, a New York NanoTech Summit, held in conjunction with SEMICON West, will allow attendees to hear from economic development, industry, and academic leaders about how New York State and nanotechnology are enabling exciting new opportunities by driving the future of artificial intelligence, and power electronics, as examples. A New York-focused pavilion will also allow industry leaders, researchers, and professionals to learn more about New York’s high-tech possibilities.

“New York State is bringing a major presence to SEMICON West and we – ESD and our partners at SUNY Poly, AIM Photonics and local economic development organizations – will be spreading the word about our continued focus on driving high-tech research, development, commercialization and business growth opportunities across the state,” said Empire State Development President, CEO & Commissioner Howard Zemsky. “New York State’s business climate has never been better and we are looking forward to showing SEMICON West’s attendees from around the globe how they can succeed in New York and be a part of the exciting advancement of nanoelectronics and integrated photonics, as well as other cutting-edge efforts that are centered in Upstate New York.”

“The technology being developed at SUNY Polytechnic Institute is a testament to the value of the high-tech partnerships powered by SUNY and New York State,” said SUNY Chancellor Kristina M. Johnson. “I am always amazed by the major research and development work performed by faculty and students at SUNY Poly. SEMICON provides another opportunity for SUNY and New York State to be recognized as pioneers in these fields.”

“SUNY Polytechnic Institute is a proud partner in a number of innovative initiatives in New York State that will be showcased at this year’s SEMICON West conference and exhibition, where attendees will learn how SUNY Poly plays an enabling role by supporting advanced research and development in areas such as semiconductors, photonics, artificial intelligence, and materials, while providing our students with hands-on, leading-edge knowledge and skills to thrive in these high-tech sectors,” said SUNY Poly Interim President Dr. Grace Wang.

“We are proud to be attending SEMICON West, one of the world’s foremost innovation-centered engagements where we will showcase New York State’s strong foundation for providing high-tech growth opportunities in areas ranging from semiconductors, materials, integrated photonics, and artificial intelligence,” said Dr. Doug Grose, who is to be the President of NY-CREATES, the New York Center for Research, Economic Advancement, Technology, Engineering and Science, a new 501(c)(3) non-profit to lead industry-oriented R&D and economic development projects to grow the state’s high-tech economy. “We look forward to further sharing with SEMICON West’s attendees from around the world how Tech Valley and New York State’s collaborative ecosystem enable advanced technology research, development, and commercialization as a result of industrial expertise, a highly qualified workforce, and world-class resources and capabilities that are not available anywhere else.”

“AIM Photonics is meeting its goals to enable, facilitate, and support company and consortium research and development efforts via the establishment of the Test, Assembly, and Packaging (TAP) facility. While our focus is to help our partners advance within New York State’s high-tech corridor, as a National Initiative we welcome industry, government, and academics. We are excited to share the latest updates related to our capabilities with the world’s leading researchers and business professionals at SEMICON West 2018,” said AIM Photonics CEO and SUNY Poly Executive Vice President for Innovation and Technology Dr. Michael Liehr. “At this year’s conference, AIM Photonics is thrilled to provide status updates on the TAP facility in Rochester, New York, which will catalyze impactful, cost-efficient partnerships through the use of our state-of-the-art PDK (Process Design Kit) and MPW (Multi Project Wafer) capabilities.”

At the 2018 SEMICON West conference and exhibition, presenters, including Dr. Liehr and SUNY Poly Associate Vice President for Business, Wafer Processing and CMO of AIM Photonics Frank Tolic will provide updates on the AIM Photonics initiative as it equips the Rochester-centered integrated photonics TAP facility. Among the highlights: AIM Photonics has experienced continued high levels of interest in membership, with 100+ signed members and additional interested collaborators from across the United States, including those representing areas ranging from industry and academia to government. In addition, representatives will highlight new services and offers coming for fall 2018.

A New York Nanotechnology Summit, co-organized by CMPUG and AIM Photonics is scheduled to take place Wednesday, July 11, from 8 a.m. to noon in Esplanade Room 160, Upper Mezzanine, in Moscone Center’s South Hall. During the summit, economic development, industry, and academic leaders will share how New York State and its nanotechnology-focused public-private clusters are driving the future for technology and artificial intelligence. These experts in Semiconductor Nanotechnology, CMP, Compound Semiconductors, and Integrated Photonics will detail how the represented organizations are at the forefront of advancing AI, quantum computing, power electronics, and neuromorphic computing capabilities through their advancements in process, equipment, materials, and device technology-related research.

SUNY Poly industry partners attending the engagement include, among others: IBM, AMAT, NexGen Power, Intel, as well as Tokyo Electron, which is also celebrating it’s 15th year of collaboration with SUNY Poly and IBM via TEL Technology Center America, founded in 2003 as a partnership with the State of New York, SUNY Poly, and IBM to conduct leading-edge semiconductor research while acting as TEL’s flagship R&D center outside of Japan.

“IBM is building systems for the AI era, including Summit – the world’s most powerful and smartest AI supercomputer. The underlying technologies of these systems derive from our semiconductor research at SUNY Poly, which continues our legacy of public-private partnership to deliver breakthrough computing milestones and innovation for the industry. We look forward to attending SEMICON West 2018 where we will share our vision for the future of computing over the next decade and further strengthening our close collaboration with SUNY Poly,” said Dr. Mukesh V. Khare, IBM Research Vice President of Semiconductor Research.

“NexGen Power Systems enables innovative GaN-on-GaN power devices, and we are eager to share our capabilities as part of New York State’s high-tech ecosystem, which is driving the state-of-the-art technologies that will be used around the world,” said Dr. Dinesh Ramanathan, NexGen’s President and CEO.

Speakers at the New York NanoTech Summit will include the following, among others, including welcome remarks by Dr. Liehr:

An “Updates from Upstate NY Economic Development Organizations” session will be moderated by Vice President of Strategic Business at Empire State Development Mark Reynolds, and will include presentations detailing high-tech economic engagement opportunities across New York State from:

Center for Economic Growth President & CEO Andrew Kennedy;

Genesee County Economic Development Center VP Business & Workforce Chris Suozzi;

President at Mohawk Valley EDGE Steven DiMeo;

And Economic Development Specialist at Onondaga County Nate Stevens.

An “Institute Updates” session with presentations by AIM Photonics, SUNY Poly, and partnering institutions, moderated by FuzeHub Manager of Manufacturing Strategic Initiatives Alyson Slack, will feature:

Dr. Satyavolu Papa Rao, SUNY Poly Associate Vice President for Research, who will provide a presentation outlining neuromorphic and quantum computing research being undertaken at SUNY Poly, as well as potential future research opportunities;

AIM Photonics Director of Design Enablement Barton Bergman, who will share Process Design Kit (PDK) and Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) updates. These have increased AIM Photonics’ capabilities as they enable organizations of all sizes to work with AIM Photonics to meet their integrated photonics needs. Bart will also discuss the new Design Services AIM Photonics is offering this coming fall;

AIM Photonics Associate VP for Test, Assembly, and Packaging Ed White, who will highlight the latest developments related to the world’s first open access 300mm integrated photonics Test, Assembly, and Packaging facility, located in the OPI capital of the world, Rochester, New York;

And Dr. Avi Karsenty, Head of the Jerusalem College of Technology Physics/Electro-Optics Department, Faculty of Engineering; and Head of HaEytanim, The Personal Empowerment Excellence Program, who will highlight the high-tech partnership between New York and Israel, and speak about “Nanoscale Silicon-Based Electro-Optics Devices: A Leap Toward Integrated Optical Interconnect.”

Industry Updates will also be provided in a session moderated by Fusion Market Group CEO Lamar Hill, by

Dr. Khare, who will present, “Nanotechnology Innovations for the AI Era”; and

Dr. Ramanathan, who will outline NexGen’s capabilities and detail the “Impact of Power Supplies designed with Vertical GaN Power Devices on Data Centers.”

In addition, presentations at the engagement will also detail AIM Academy and workforce development efforts that are helping to empower highly qualified, diverse candidates for AIM Photonics-related jobs.

As part of the daylong New York NanoTech Summit, a CMPUG advanced chemical mechanical planarization session will take place in the afternoon. For more information about the NY NanoTech Summit, please visit: http://www.aimphotonics.com/nanotech-summit-2018. For more information about the CMPUG Session, please visit: https://nccavs-usergroups.avs.org/announcements_cmpug/. Organizations interested in sponsorship and participation should contact: info@aimphotonics.com.

“Dow Electronic Materials is honored to participate with SUNY Polytechnic Institute, AIM Photonics, and New York State economic engagement organizations to share the progress and potential of the state’s high-tech corridor at the NY Nanotechnology Summit and CMPUG session at this year’s SEMICON West event,” said Todd Buley, Global CMP Applications Director, Dow Electronic Materials and co-chair of the CMPUG session and co-organizer of the NY Nanotech Summit.

“As AIM Photonics works to empower its partners with its world-class, open access integrated photonics platform for test, assembly, packaging and commercialization, we are proud to provide this NY Nanotechnology Summit in partnership with CMPUG to SEMICON West attendees,” said Frank Tolic. “This summit is a wonderful opportunity for industry and government leaders, as well as representatives from leading academic institutions, to gain critical insight into how photonics can bring us beyond Moore’s law as it plays a significant role in the coming AI revolution.”

In addition to the research-centered presentations by AIM Photonics and its partners, attendees of the SEMICON West 2018 conference and exhibition will be able to learn about New York State and SUNY Poly’s world-class facilities, resources, and capabilities by visiting the New York State Pavilion at Booth #317. There, visitors will be able to meet representatives from AIM Photonics, SUNY Poly, Empire State Development, and NY Loves Nanotech, who will provide information about New York State’s high-tech corridor and related economic engagement incentives and opportunities. Booth number 317 will be located in the Moscone Center’s South Hall, Level One, and representatives will be available from Tuesday, July 10 through Wednesday, July 11 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Thursday, July 12 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

SEMICON West is an annual tradeshow for the microelectronics manufacturing industries and their supply chains. There, researchers present their cutting-edge work via hundreds of hours of targeted programming, including keynote addresses, executive panels, and technical and business sessions for attendees from around the world. In addition to the hundreds of expected exhibitors and tens of thousands of professionals who attend, the event also features applications and topics ranging from nanoelectronics, integrated photonics, and the internet of things (IoT) to manufacturing, transportation, and the smart workforce.

For more information and daily updates on SUNY Polytechnic Institute and AIM Photonics’ SEMICON West 2018 engagements, please visit: http://www.aimphotonics.com/new-events/.


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