June 22 2021
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Green Island is NY’s Fastest-Growing Town and Village

Amid the pandemic and as a transformative redevelopment project neared completion on Starbuck Island, Green Island emerged as New York’s fastest-growing town and village in 2020. Three more towns and three more villages from the Capital Region also ranked among state state’s fastest-growing communities, according to a Center for Economic Growth of new U.S. Census Bureau estimates.

Green Island

As of July 1, 2020, Green Island, which is both a town and village had a population of 2,879, up 258 or 9.8 percent from the previous year. Driving that growth was Starbuck Island. In 2017, the Capital Region Economic Development Council helped secure $1.8 million in Empire State Development funding for the revitalize a contaminated oil storage and distribution terminal site into a sustainable waterfront community.

Construction on the 267-unit Starbuck Island started in early 2019, and it opened in phases. First to open was the 55-plus luxury apartment building at 15 Starbuck Dr. in fall 2019, followed by 25 Starbuck Dr in March 2020 and 20 Starbuck Dr. and 30 Starbuck Dr. earlier this year.

Towns & Villages

Round Lake was the state’s seventh fastest-growing village, with a 2.9 percent annual increase to 793. The Village of Coxsackie ranked 18th with a 0.6 percent increase to 2,689. Saratoga County had three top 20 fastest-growing towns: Ballston ranked third with a 2.5 percent increase to 11,736; Stillwater ranked sixth with a 1.4 percent increase to 9,092; and Moreau ranked eighth with a 1.2 percent increase to 15,632. In the eight counties, Colonie lost the most residents over the year among towns (-362) and Hudson Falls lost the most among villages (-68).


Among New York’s cities, only six saw population gains between 2019 and 2020. Saratoga Springs had the fifth biggest gain of 80, (0.3 percent) to 28,287. Among the Capital Region’s 10 cities, Hudson had the smallest population loss of just -17 (-0.3 percent) to 6,017. Albany had the state’s sixth largest loss among cities at -604 (-0.6 percent) to 95,429.

CEG Initiatives

To attract more people to the Capital Region, CEG recently launched the CapNY, with CAPable of aNYthing, campaign to market the region for new talent.  A new website, (www.gocapny.com) and its associated social media channels (@GoCapNY) will act as key modes of communication to interact with the brand and serve as primary platforms to market the region. The campaign focuses on mobile Millennial and Gen Z professionals and highlights for them the unique attributes of the eight-county, 1-million-strong Capital Region, including its vibrant urban centers, affordability, educated workforce, cultural assets, recreation, creative businesses, innovation, and proximity to major international cities.


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