March 19 2020

Governor Orders Reduced Workforce Requirements for Nonessential Businesses

CEG is poised to Capital Region businesses navigate the executive order

Gov. Andrew Cuomo today issued an executive order requiring all businesses and not-for-profit entities “to the maximum extent possible, any telecommuting or work from home procedures that they can safely utilize.” The executive order provides exceptions for businesses and entities that provide essential services.

As soon as Empire State Development (ESD) guidelines related to this executive order are issued tomorrow, CEG staff can assist Capital Region businesses determine whether they are essential or prepare an application requesting a waiver from ESD. Businesses with questions should contact Michael Lobsinger at or 518-465-8975, ext 238.

Read the executive order here.

Executive Order 202.6 FAQ

The work restrictions will be in effect from March 20 at 8 p.m. through April 17, 2020. In-person workforces at any work locations must be reduced by 50 percent. The governor subsequently stated that reduction level will be set at 25 percent. Businesses and entities providing essential services are exempt from the work restrictions. This includes:

essential health care operations, including research and laboratory services;

essential infrastructure including utilities,


airports and transportation infrastructure;

essential manufacturing, including food processing and pharmaceuticals;

essential retail including grocery stores and pharmacies;

essential services including trash collection, mail, and shipping services;

news media;

banks and related financial institutions;

providers of basic necessities to economically disadvantaged populations;


vendors of essential services necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation and essential operations of residences or other essential businesses;

vendors that provide essential services or products, including logistics and technology support, child care and services needed to ensure the continuing operation of government agencies and provide for the health, safety and welfare of the public.

Any businesses not meeting the above criteria can request a waiver from Empire State Development (ESD) Corporation. By 5 p.m. Wednesday, ESD is expected to issue a guidance as to which businesses are determined to be essential, which shall review and grant such request, should it determine that it is in the best interest of the state to have the workforce continue at full capacity in order to properly respond to this disaster.

Stay informed by following CEG on social media or checking CEG’s COVID-19 Updates web page. Businesses with questions should contact Michael Lobsinger or 518-465-8975, ext 238.

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