April 3 2020

CEG’s Job Search Tools for Capital Region Workers Displaced by COVID-19

In this unprecedented time of economic disruption, the Center for Economic Growth recognizes there are many people in the Capital Region in urgent need of employment. We have the tools to help connect Capital Region employers with our local talent now seeking jobs. Let CEG leverage our resources to help you recover from this crisis and strengthen the Capital Region’s economy. #CapitalRegionResilience


Description: CEG’s Talent Connect lists jobs posted by CEG investors in the Capital Region.

Features: Postings from more than 2 dozen CEG investors who are actively hiring despite COVID-19.

Differentiator: After a consult with CEG professional staff, your application will be shared with the company hiring.


Descriptions: CEG’s Veteran Connect Center (VCC) offers free connections with over more than 90 local companies and groups in New York’s Capital Region through our JobPath tool. While designed for veterans, CEG is now making the Veterans Connect Center’s services – including JobPath – available for all those searching for employment in the Capital Region

Features: More than 4,000 job postings by Capital Region employers interested in hiring workers with the right skillsets.

Differentiator: CEG is making the services of our VCC Concierge free to help any job applicant connecting with any of the 90 CEG investors that openings on JobPath.

Personnel Agencies

We can also connect job searchers with our investors who provide recruitment services: Fusco Personnel and Alaant Workforce Solutions.

Funding Partners