June 8 2020

CEG Webinar Series, Part X: 3 Questions on COVID-19 Reopening with LeChase Construction & Bergmann Architects

CEG continues our free webinar series, offering insight on the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on business and strategies for reopening.  To familiarize you with the presenters and their unique perspectives on the crisis, CEG has asked them to respond to three questions.

Webinar 10: Preconstruction Planning: Understanding it’s Importance and How it Benefits Construction Projects

Thursday, June 11 | 11:00am – 12:00pm

Mike Corey, Account Executive and Peter Muench, VP, preconstruction services, LeChase;
Kevin Curran,
Practice Leader/Project Manager, Bergmann


Q1. What’s the biggest way COVID-19 has changed the preconstruction process?

A. Magnification of the unknown. Financial certainty of your project must be precise, and the project schedule cannot impact the proforma.  The change to our world has been in the increase of interest in our process; clients are relying on our team more than ever to help guide them to maximizing their projects for their original investments, even less in some instances.

Q2. Is COVID-19 making construction projects take longer, and is there anything that can be done at the preconstruction phase to shorten them?

A. Identification of systems that are candidates for prefabrication and modularization have significant impacts to schedules. With the trade safety at the forefront of our business we approach the project differently. Working with the design team early to ensure integration of constructability with the design can often circumvent schedule delays / extensions. 

Q3. How are disruptions in the supply chain impacting the preconstruction process?

A. Reliability of the information has been challenging. The preconstruction process is more important than ever before during these times, to ensure material selection matches availability.  Ironically some of the supply issues that started in March were due to shipping container imbalance port to port, the material may have been available but there was no container to ship it overseas in.  So it all goes back to understanding the material selections job by job.  If a desired material is known to have delays in shipping, an upfront discussion and early procurement can allow those delays to happen without effecting the critical path of the project.  Although with early purchase comes an accelerated cash flow and depending on funding sources this may or may not be an option. Its all about early communication.

About the CEG Webinar Series

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