April 21 2020

CEG Webinar Series, Part II: 3 Questions on COVID-19 for Matt Scarchilli

CEG is hosting a free, six-part webinar series offering insight on the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on business and how we can move past it.  To familiarize you with the presenters and their unique perspectives on the crisis, CEG has asked them to respond to three questions.

Webinar 2: Sales Strategies for Coming Out of The Pandemic

Tuesday, April 28 | 2:00 – 3:00pm | Matt Scarchilli, CEO/Owner, Sandler Training of the Greater Capital Region of New York

Q1. What’s the biggest sales mistake that businesses usually make in a crisis like this? 

  1. A. The biggest sales mistake is to stop selling. The second biggest mistake is defining “selling” incorrectly.

Q2. What’s the most common excuse you get from businesses as to why they do not segment accounts? 

  1. A. They believe the account segmentation, the way they have it, is complete. They do not think about different, more strategic ways to segment accounts. 

Q3. Is there anything positive, from a sales perspective, that you see coming out of this crisis?   

  1. A. YES!  Join the Webinar for my take on it.  
  1. Strengthened bonds in community, family, faith and connectivity that will make us better people, better leaders and better participants in our everyday lives.

About the CEG Webinar Series

The series runs from April 22 to May 6. Topics include supply chain (April 22), sales strategies (April 28), disaster and business continuity planning (April 29), strategic focus (April 30), alternative healthcare funding (May 5), and implicit bias (May 6). Participants include Mainfreight, Sandler Sales Training, Relay Integrated Logistics and Solutions, Stragility, Jaeger & Flynn Associates and Tangible Development. There is no cost to attend the CEG Webinar Series. Please RSVP for each webinar you are interested in attending. If you are unable to join, select webinars will be recorded and available on our website.

About Matt Scarchilli

Matt has over 25 years sales experience ranging from entry level sales to, to sales manager to V.P. Sales to ownership of a sales training company (Winning Process, LLC dba Sandler Training of Albany).  Matt’s sales success over the last 20 years has put him in a position to now be able to share those experiences to help companies grow and flourish.

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