March 24 2020

The 25 COVID-19-Related Resources that Capital Region Employers & Workers Must View

There is a tremendous amount of information for businesses on how to respond to the coronavirus pandemic and its impacts on operations. It can be overwhelming. That is why the Center for Economic Growth has compiled this list of 25 links we believe are important to both Capital Region employers and workers.

Essential Businesses

  1. Andrew Cuomo Executive Order 202.6
  2. ESD Guidance for Essential and Nonessential Businesses
  3. ESD Essential Business FAQ


  1. ESD Guidelines for Protective Personal Equipment (PPE)
  2. FDA Requirement for Manufacturing PPE

SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans

  1. ESD Presentation on SBA Disaster Loans
  2. SBA New York Declaration 1636 Fact Sheet
  3. SBA Loans Application


  1. NYS Shared Work Program
  2. NYS DOL WARN Notices
  3. NYS Guidance of COVID-19 Paid Leave

Workplace Safety

  1. CDC: Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to COVID-19
  2. OSHA: Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19
  3. US DOL: Guidance for Preparing the Workplace for COVID-19


  1. NYS DOL Unemployment insurance application guide
  2. NYS DOL Unemployment insurance online application
  3. NYS Paid Leave FAQ
  4. Unemployment insurance: step by step process to file a claim online
  5. NYS AG complaints: Complaints over Employers Violating Executive Orders

CEG Services

  1. Business Growth Solutions Supply Chain Development
  2. Business Growth Solutions Pivoting Support
  3. Business Growth Solutions Loan and Grant Assistance
  4. Talent Connect Talent Attraction Support
  5. Talent Connect Regional Job Openings
  6. Veteran Connect Center Veterans Jobs in the Capital Region for Veterans   

CEG can help you navigate your businesses COVID-19 response and recovery. Schedule a consultation with CEG today.

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