November 4 2021

2022’s Tech Trends and the Capital Region Firms and Researchers Ahead of Them

Forbes recently surveyed 16 experts on the tech trends they believe will dominate the tech industry in 2022. Several local companies and researchers are helping the Capital Region stay ahead of these trends. Below are examples.



Precision Valve & Automation recently moved its headquarters from Cohoes to Halfmoon, allowing it to increase its production of automated dispensing and coating equipment.


Predictive Analytics

The University at Albany’s Atmospheric Sciences Research Center is using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques to drive the development of technologies that will be used to better monitor and predict winter weather.  


United Aircraft Technologies in Troy is creating computing models for wiring maintenance predictions by using AI and augmented reality to analyze voluminous data from its ergonomic and lightweight Smart Interconnecting Clamps (ICC).


Focus On Software Quality Standards

A Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) researcher is developing AI techniques that will improve medical imaging and computer-aided diagnosis by shielding algorithms from contaminated data and other vulnerabilities.


Smart City Technologies

Achillea Research in Schenectady is developing analytics for identifying distributed energy resources, such as distributed photovoltaics and electric vehicles, from smart meter data.


Ecolong in Albany has developed a secure peer-to-peer transactive platform using blockchain technology  for real-time trading of renewable energy.


GE Research in Niskayuna recently partnered with Prolect to develop the world’s first large flexible transformer that will increase the intake of renewable energies on power grids.


Deep Fakes

A UAlbany research has developed algorithms that tracks the differences n eye movement to detect counterfeit (deepfake) videos. 


Kitware in Clifton Park, along with Purdue University, SRI International, and the University of California, Berkeley, is leading a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency effort to develop algorithms for the detection, attribution, and characterization of media manipulations.


Voice Search Technology

VoiceFlight Systems in Delmar in 2009 developed the first Federal Air Administration (FAA)-approved voice recognition system and continue to innovate in the field of pilot speech recognition.


Battery Tech

Plug Power in Latham is rapidly expanding amid robust demand for its hydrogen fuel cells. The company recently made its North American debut of the HYVIA hydrogen Renault Master Van H2-TECH prototype, a hydrogen fuel cell powered van.


Cyber Scoring

The Center for Internet Security in East Greenbush specializes in making cybersecurity benchmark assessments and scoring recommendations.


Ethical AI

A UAlbany researcher, along with others from Tarbiat Modares University in Tehran, conducted a bibliometric analysis of scientific research and identified four ethical concerns associated with 12 medical issues relating to the use of AI in healthcare.


RPI researchers have applied deep learning to moral decision-making models for AI to acquire deeper insights into human ethics and compare it to a classic statistical method known as the hierarchical Bayesian model.

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