June 10 2019
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2 Capital Region Cities among NY’s Top 10 Fastest-Growing

Two Capital Region cities were among New York’s top 10 for fastest-growing cities in 2018. With a 223 year-over-year population gain (0.3 percent), Schenectady was the state’s sixth fastest-growing city, and Saratoga Springs’ 68-person annual gain (0.2 percent) made it the 10th, according to a Center for Economic Growth (CEG) analysis of new U.S. Census Bureau data.

Over the year, two cities, 35 towns and six villages in the eight-county region saw their population ranks increase. Among New York’s top 10 fastest-growing towns were Ballston (3rd at 2.8 percent, or 311), Prattsville (8th at 1.6 percent, or 11) and Milton (9th at 1.5 percent, or 295). Among the state’s top 10 fastest-growing villages were Waterford (6th at 3.7 percent, 84) and Round Lake (10th at 2.1 percent, or 14).

The region’s growing towns were located in four counties: two in Albany County, eight in Greene County, 10 in Rensselaer County and 15 in Saratoga County. There were four growing villages in Saratoga County and one each in Rensselaer and Schenectady counties. Together, these growing places helped the Capital Region emerge as New York’s second-fastest growing economic development region in 2018.

CEG Activities

To accelerate the region’s growth, CEG is involved in the following activities:

Launching the Veteran Connect Center to attract to the region transitioning service members stationed around the word and to retain the veterans already here.

Partnering with the Upstate Alliance for the Creative Economy to ensure the region has a thriving creative economy that will not only provide more employment and freelance opportunities but also enhance efforts to attract outside talent and retain the skilled workers already here.

Leveraging its Talent Connect program to enhance employers’ efforts to attract and retain skilled workers in the region.

Bringing talent to the region by representing Capital Region employers at job fairs throughout the Northeast.

Attracting companies and talent to the region by representing the region’s key industries, such as semiconductor, life sciences, game development and clean tech, at trade conferences worldwide.

Providing technical assistance to established manufacturers and startups to help them operate more efficiently, tap new markets and grow in the region.

Sponsoring the Capital Region’s first Manufacturing Intermediary Apprenticeship Program to help local manufacturers build their talent pipelines for high-skill positions.


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