Review the Listings Below & Follow The Instructions When Applying:

  1. 1. The “+” sign will give you a listing of employers (who are investors in CEG) and their openings.  
  2. 2. Apply to job postings you are qualified for and reference “CEG” as your referral source.  
  3. 3. Send your resume/CV to and list your name, the name of organizations, positions you applied for, and include the job links.  
  4. 4. CEG’s Talent Connect staff will notify the organizations of your applications. 

“Say Hello to Our New York” 

Check out this video that highlights the arts, culture, natural beauty, and business opportunity available in our region!

Lifestyle. Opportunity. Location.  This short video, produced by The Tech Valley Young Professionals Network (YPN) – an initiative of the Capital Region Chamber – highlights our region’s incredible assets and opportunities.

Questions? Please contact the Talent Connect Team:

Karen S. Wolff, Joanne Cornell, John Giordano or



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