Together with our 250+ members and staff, we have a vision of leading Tech Valley as one of the most prosperous and innovative ecosystems in the world.

To achieve that vision, we work daily to build a skilled workforce and education pipeline; to cultivate a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem; and to ensure a modern infrastructure to grow local companies, attract new investment, and prepare our communities for growth.

Additionally, we serve as the NYSTAR-designated Regional Technology Development Center, providing business growth services to small and mid-sized manufacturers and technology.

CEG’s region has a number of workforce development resources, all of which work towards the greater goal of ensuring a strong pipeline of highly skilled, educated workers that can meet the needs of our growing industries. To ensure that workforce training is demand-driven, CEG works closely with businesses, community colleges and training institutions to identify and address specific training needs so that programs are tailored to available jobs.

Some of CEG’s key partners in workforce development:

Workforce Development Boards & New York State Department of Labor


Community Colleges & Higher Education

High Schools, PTECH & BOCES


The New York Association of Training and Employment Professionals (NYATEP)

Funding Partners