Our annual NYSHSBMC offers high school students an opportunity to showcase their business model in an educationally-competitive environment. 

At this all day event held at Siena College in Albany, NY students present their ideas in front of their peers and judges (successful entrepreneurs, business men and women, institutional faculty) with the latter providing valuable feedback.

Students will gain:

This culminates in an awards ceremony at the end of the day where prizes and scholarships will be awarded.

For more information, please contact Ellyn ford at ellynf@ceg.org

In 2017

We adopted the Lean Startup Methodology therefore we are now known as the New York State High School Business Model Competition. Informational videos are posted below to guide you through the process.


The mission of the New York State High School Business Model Competition is to provide an opportunity for teams of entrepreneurial high school students to express ideas in an educationally competitive environment. Students will gain valuable skills such as, but not limited to, working as a team (1-4 students), communicating their ideas both written and verbal, receiving constructive feedback and broadening their horizons by interacting with peers outside of their own community. There is no cost to participate.
We welcome all former participants and encourage new participants to experience the opportunity to express business ideas in an educationally competitive environment.

Some examples of benefits to students are:

For information regarding the 2018 High School Business Model Competition, please contact Ellyn Ford at CEG.

2017 Competition Results

In 2017 the High School Business Model Competition, presented by the Center for Economic Growth and hosted by Siena College, saw a change in structure. Rather than hosting coaching sessions and presentations in one day, we shifted to virtual coaching sessions with a focus on presentations on competition day. We also hosted various workshops to support the Business Model Canvas concept.
We had 26 teams (60 students) participate from New York and New Jersey and 19 business men and women, entrepreneurs, and mentors volunteer as coaches and judges.

2017 NYS HS Business Model Competition Winners

*First Place Winner $1,000 – Magnet-O-Wear

Emma Willard, Troy, NY

This affordable product addresses treating muscle atrophy and abnormal muscle tone that can be a result of injury or existing condition, resulting in quicker recovery.

*Second Place $300 – I to I

Emma Willard, Troy, NY

A product to help the deaf and hearing communicate. This incorporates an app and a band that would be worn by the deaf person’s hand where the sign language movements would be translated into voice or text.

*Third Place $200 – Audio Alert

Bergen County Academies, Hackensack, NJ

Developed headphones, for music listeners on the go, that contain sensors to keep them safe as well as meeting the governments potential ban on headphone use in the street.

*Rising juniors from the first, second & third place teams are eligible to win the following scholarships: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, NY) Early Entrepreneur Scholarship ( $40,000 (1 available) Siena College (Albany, NY) $20,000 (2 available)

Helpful Information & Resources:

2018 Official Rules

Presentation Guideline

Customer Discovery – Why & How

Let’s Talk About the Canvas Pt 1Value Proposition, customer segments & customer archetype

Let’s Talk About the Canvas Pt 2:  Channels & customer relationships

Let’s Talk About the Canvas Pt 3: Key activities, partners & resources

Let’s Talk About the Canvas Pt 4: Revenue & expense

Steps to uploading a YouTube video

Informational Videos: What is the Business Model Canvas | Nine Components of the Business Model Canvas | How to conduct customer interviews | Safe Way to Customer Discovery

Funding Partners