Why Invest?

Our region has experienced vast economic growth with high-tech industries. Now is the time to advance our region even further and not sit idle. With a dedicated team, focused plan and regional commitment, tomorrow will be even greater. While our region is made up of eight independent counties, to accelerate our region’s economic future, our success is found when we perform together.

Improving upon what our region has to offer requires commitment. It takes a team of steadfast professionals with a focused plan to grow and attract business. CEG’s ACCELERATE campaign recognizes this need and works as a five-year investment plan to ensure future growth. Our five-year investor model confidently puts the programs and infrastructure in place that allows growth and attraction.

To learn more about CEG’s investment benefits or to invest in CEG, please contact John Giordano, Director of Investor Relations, at JohnG@ceg.org or 518-465-8975 ext. 232.

Benefit Information

As an investor of CEG, you will have access to CEG programs, trainings, materials, services and staff, along with reports and monthly updates on the Tech Valley region and details on how the region is growing and the direction it’s taking. CEG programs provide guidance with the most pressing challenges facing businesses today. Leadership investments of $10,000 and higher include board nominations, sponsorships and some of the benefits below. 

Business Growth Solutions

LEAN 101 Training

Recruitment Support 

CEG’s Talent Connect program is a service to help employers attract and develop top talent in the Capital Region. Talent Connect provides two main functions:

  1. 1. Employers can hire Talent Connect to provide a concierge-style service to new, key staff members that are relocating into the Capital Region. We offer them a confidential service that helps them acclimate to the region, connect them with needed services, provide career support for the new hires’ spouse or partner, a professional tour of their city, and much more.
  2. 2. Talent Connect exhibits at job fairs outside the region to attract talent to look at the great companies we have in this area and to promote the quality of life we offer.
  3. Special connections to the military are also available.
  5.  Business and Economic Development Assistance 

Funding Partners