BCNYS Renewable Energy Conference

The aspirational goals established by the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act have set New York on a path to green energy, but they aren’t without significant challenges for businesses and consumers. It’s time to explore how New York plans on achieving 70% renewable energy by 2030, a fully decarbonized

Virtual Offshore Wind Tour

Presented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and CEG   Purpose: To enable state and local stakeholders to learn more about offshore wind opportunities through a dynamic, interactive and memorable event; connect stakeholders with relevant counterparts in Denmark so they can discuss aspects which are of particular relevance

Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC)

Presentation with Rich Uhlig, Founder and CEO, Quadrant Biosciences Special Purpose Acquisitions Companies are “shell” companies that are established, usually by a team of investors, to raise money via an IPO with the intent to acquire another company with the sole assets of the company being the money they raise. 

Funding Partners