December 31 2021

Week in Review: December 27 – 31, 2021

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Times Union: Her ‘best love’: Local woman leaves the office for a tailor shop



Albany Inno – How this Capital Region superfood startup landed a product in Target

“Trinity Mouzon Wofford still remembers where she was when she got an email from the buyers at Urban Outfitters.

Mouzon Wofford had recently moved back to her hometown of Saratoga Springs after nine years downstate, along with her high school sweetheart and co-founder, Issey Kobori. She was on the train headed to New York City for an event, and she saw the inquiry on her phone.”

Hot Crispy Oil secures biggest deal yet for 2022, heads west

“John Trimble is turning up the heat with a new deal pushing more of his Hot Crispy Oil across the country.

Trimble’s product — jarred olive oil with garlic, shallots and chile peppers — will be available in more outlets west of Colorado in 2022 after signing a deal with distributor DPI Specialty Foods, which operates out of Denver, Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon. The move will provide trucking distribution, expanding the range of retail outlets for Hot Crispy Oil.”

For business in 2022, ‘drifting to the new normal’ more likely than ‘recovery’

“For businesses that managed to weather the pandemic’s cataclysmic labor shortages, shutdowns, supply chain constraints and inflation, what looms ahead in 2022 can either make or break them.

Frank Kerbein, director of the Business Council of New York State’s Center for Human Resources, said the pandemic has been the “most dramatic business interruption” he’s seen in his lifetime. Despite being two years in, the virus isn’t letting up.”

GlobalFoundries extends deal with AMD to provide $2.1 billion in chips through 2025

“Semiconductor manufacturer GlobalFoundries has amended its agreement with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to supply the company with more chips.

The revised agreement not only increased the number of chips AMD receives but also extended terms to secure AMD’s wafer stock through 2025, worth approximately $2.1 billion, according to a news release.”

Ski Lines: Hickory Ski Center looks to make comeback

“This version of the seasonal standard could be a popular lyric these days among long-time Hickory Ski Center regulars who are trying  to resuscitate the Warrensburg ski area that has been shut down since the close of  the 2015-16 season.

The area was one of many across the country founded by veterans returning home from World War II. Vail in Colorado is probably the most famous of that lot, but it is a common link to many places, large and small, that came into being in the late 1940s.”

Troy commits $1 million to renovate former American Theater

“A month before the pandemic hit in early 2020, the Proctors Collaborative was actively considering plans for the former American Theater in downtown Troy, a single-screen cinema that closed 15 years ago.

However, any notion of renovating the former theater at 285-289 River St. was shelved after performance venues were among the scores of businesses forced to close for a year or more in New York to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.”

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