June 28 2024

CEG Economic Development Week in Review June 24-June 28, 2024

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WNYT News 13: Capital Region manufacturing center continues growth

Times Union: CEG study finds that local manufacturing jobs highest in two decades



Wilton-based Sundaes Best Hot Fudge Sauce

“When Katie Camarro’s mother was pregnant with her, she ate a hot fudge sundae twice a day.

Perhaps that’s the source of Camarro’s love for hot fudge.”

Marge Randles on Argyle Cheese Farmer at Albany-area farmers markets

“Farmers markets are in full swing outdoors. Local vendors fill streets, parks and lots with various produce, prepared foods, drinks, snacks, baked goods, cheeses, meats, and more around the Capital Region. As an extension of the food truck Q&A series, in which readers got to know local trucks, the faces behind them and their backstories, we’re doing the same for farmers markets. This week, we talked with Marge Randles, partner of Argyle Cheese Farmer with her husband, Dave, and Ideal Dairy Farms.”

National Grid is buying GE Vernova equipment to manage electric flow

“GE Vernova will build two 115 kV synchronous condenser sites for National Grid in the Watertown area.

The substations, at the communities of Coffeen and Taylorville, are used to manage the flow of electricity through power lines and stabilize the grid. They can help ease voltage dips that can occur with renewable energy such as solar or wind power. Additionally, they can de-energize power transmission equipment in case of damage, for example, after a tree strike.”

MyForest Foods breaks into West Coast market with Good Eggs partnership

“MyForest Foods is continuing to expand the national distribution of its plant-based bacon product with a new West Coast partnership.

MyBacon is now being distributed in California by Good Eggs, an online grocery service that works directly with local producers and serves the San Francisco Bay area and Los An

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