Introducing New Talent to our CEG Investors

We are supporting a variety of career seekers looking for their next job in our region. They may be the perfect fit for you!
Please help us help them find employment and continue to attract talented people here, and into your organizations.

For their resumes or if you have any questions, please contact 
Joanne Cornell, Director of Talent Connect.



Talent Attraction Throughout the Northeast

The Talent Connect team is exhibiting at events throughout the northeast on behalf of our investors attracting new talent to look closer at relocating to the Capital Region. We exhibit at Colleges & Universities, City/County Career Fairs, Industry Cluster Fairs, and Military Installations. We offer information on our industry clusters, cost of living, quality of life, and available jobs. Investors are always welcome to join us at no expense.


Veteran Connect Center

Over 100,000 military service members are transitioning into civilian life every year.  Through the Veteran Connect Center, CEG is attracting and retaining this strong work force.

Methods include:

Check out our website for more information: 



Funding Partners