The KeyBank Business Boost & Build (KBBB) program is designed to support people of color and/or women entrepreneurs & small business owners in urban areas. 

It’s powered by nonprofit venture development organization JumpStart Inc. and funded via a historic grant from the KeyBank Foundation.

The Center for Economic Growth (CEG), the lead entity, and its partners Pursuit (formerly known as Excelsior Growth Fund) and the Small Enterprise Economic Development (SEED) provide various opportunities to help drive your business forward.







Benefits – Let us help you find the answers!

We tailor assistance based on the stage of business development and offer
numerous ways to help:

• One on one Technical Assistance
                • Strategy & Growth
                • Operations & Efficiencies
• Business Advisory Assistance
• Workshops/webinars/referrals
• Connection to local lenders
• Business Model Development
• Pitch coaching
• Product Design and Prototyping Assistance



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To start receiving these benefits, complete the KBBB enrollment form which will ask questions related to your business.  Once received, we’ll set up a meeting to discuss a personal approach to your needs and place you on our entrepreneurship email list so you don’t miss a thing!  We also encourage you to review our FAQ & Data Policy below.


Q.  Once enrolled, what is expected of me?
A.  We want to be able to tell the story of our regions new and growing small businesses. Semiannually we’ll send out a survey to capture growth of your business. Even if there’s no new information, it’s helpful to capture that. We know it takes time to start or grow a business.

Q.  Can I request KBBB funds to support my business?
A.  No, we do not take requests for funding. However we can discuss other funding opportunities.

        KBBB funding is earmarked for:
          • Marketing the program
          • Events – ex. “In It to Win It”
          • Sponsorship of entrepreneurial programming or membership
          • Free or discounted workshops
          • Additional resources that may be out of our scope

Q.  How is my personal information protected?
A.  All metrics collected are sent to Jumpstart for review and shared with KeyBank Business Boost & Build. For more information on how your information is used please see the Data Privacy Policy from JumpStart, Inc. 


Data Privacy Policy

Metrics, Reporting, and Confidentiality

Resources from JumpStart are available as a direct result of KeyBank Foundation philanthropic support. Accordingly, we closely monitor our collaborative efforts and track outcomes to report back to our funder. In order to provide services to you, JumpStart partner personnel will need to familiarize themselves with your business and financial status. You agree to provide us with the business and financial information appropriate to carry out this assessment.

By engaging with JumpStart and its local partner organization(s), you are expected to complete a survey twice a year. The data requested will include (but is not limited to) information regarding the funds you have raised, the jobs you have created or retained and the revenues and expenses your company is generating in and outside of Ohio and/or New York. Your input is shared publicly only in aggregate. Your Personal Identifiable Information (PII) may sometimes be shared for the purpose of creating our Annual Economic Impact Report. In this case, anyone we share your PII with must also sign a data sharing/confidentiality agreement.




For more information please reach out to us at

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