Invest in CEG

Basic Benefit Information

As an investor of the Center for Economic Growth, you will have access to CEG programs, trainings, materials, services, and staff, along with reports and monthly updates on the Tech Valley region and details on how the region is growing and the direction it’s taking. CEG programs provide guidance with the most pressing challenges facing businesses today.

  • Business Growth Solutions
    • Facility Energy Benchmarking
    • Introduction to Lean Enterprise & Office Class
    • Transformation Planner Opportunity Assessment
    • VIA Revenue Throughput Analysis: Single Business Dimension
  • LEAN 101 Training
    • Learn about the eight wastes and how to apply standardized work, workplace organization, visual controls, set-up reduction, batch-size reduction, point-of-use storage, quality at the source, lean workforce practices and pull systems to eliminate waste.
  • Recruitment and Retention Support
    • CEG’s Talent Connect program is offered to regional employers in need of comprehensive support in recruitment and retention of valued talent.
  • Business and Economic Development Assistance
    • Executives and business owners receive strategic coaching which will grow your bottom line through continuous improvement, growth, and innovation.