Become an Investor

Why Invest?

Our region has experienced vast economic growth with high-tech industries. Now is the time to advance our region even further and not sit idle. With a dedicated team, focused plan, and regional commitment, tomorrow will be even greater. While our region is made up of independent counties, to accelerate our region’s economic future, our success is found when we perform together.

Improving upon what our region has to offer requires commitment. It takes a team of committed professionals with a focused plan to grow and attract business. By moving from our former membership model, which secured annual commitments, to a five-year investor model, CEG can confidently put the programs and infrastructure in place that allow growth and attraction.

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To learn more about CEG’s membership benefits or to invest in CEG, please contact John Giordano, Director of Investor Relations, at or 518-465-8975 ext. 232.