Technology Sectors

Upstate New York has a rich tradition of innovation dating back over 150 years. With such iconic companies as General Electric and IBM, upstate New York has also enjoyed a reputation as a manufacturing center. Unfortunately, the globalization of the world economy over the past few decades has eroded our once robust manufacturing base.  In the wake of this shifting economy, government leaders, academia and the private sector came together at the end of the last century and recognized that a paradigm shift was needed.

Over time, this partnership of interests focused on high value technology industries that could drive economic growth into the next century. Towards this end, National Grid funded a joint study between CEG and the Lally School of Business at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. This study identified five key industries (since expanded to six) as viable, next generation opportunities for upstate New York: advanced materials, bio/life sciences, cleantech/energy, homeland security/defense, information technology and nanotechnology/semiconductors.

Propelled by successes such as SUNY’s College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering and GlobalFoundries semiconductor manufacturing facility, CEG continues to create an environment capable of sustaining an innovation based economy.

CEG Lally 5 Industry Sector Studies – Executive Summaries