Clear View Bag

Clear View Bag Gains Efficiencies and Looks to Innovation to Grow with CEG’s Business Growth Services


Clear View Bag had scratched the surface with their exposure to Lean but any improvements were short lived and not part of the culture.  In a very competitive marketplace, Clear View was looking to improve quality, shorten lead times and improve company morale.



Early in 2011, Clear View decided to get serious about implementing Lean, and partnered with the local Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Center, CEG’s Business Growth Services. The company sent the majority of their employees through Lean 101, and sent a select group of employees through 5S and Value Stream Mapping training. The 5S team went on to train the remaining departments and created a very effective visual 5S board to sustain their 5s efforts.   On the heels of their Value Stream Mapping training, Clear View reengineered a process for one of their product lines which eliminated waste and reduced inventory. In addition, with the assistance of CEG, Clear View underwent strategic planning training by utilizing a balanced scorecard approach which has created companywide alignment, performance measurements, and a focus on innovation to sustain growth.


Full Report: CEG-CVB_Success_Story_Q4_2012

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