BullEx Inc.

BullEx Digital Safety Achieves Growth Goals with CEG Business Growth Services



BullEx, Inc., at critical growth points over multiple years, has requested assistance in defining marketing and sales strategy, sales growth, production and operations optimization, and specialized certifications to open up new markets.  As such, they partnered with a New York State NIST MEP Center, the Center for Economic Growth’s (CEG) Business Growth Services.


CEG guided BullEx, Inc. through the admission process for the Business Accelerator Program, which included a written summary of the BullEx, Inc. business plan, preparation for an oral presentation of the plan and then an opportunity to present and receive feedback from CEG’s Technology Council.This council of experienced technology and business professionals assisted the BullEx, Inc. team in identifying and prioritizing the areas where they needed assistance.Based on this advice, CEG proposed a suite of services to address these needs and offered these services to BullEx, Inc. on terms that were feasible for this cash constrained business.

The services included:

  • Advice on developing sales channels
  • Marketing support and tradeshow preparation
  • Manufacturing set-up assistance
  • Production line optimization
  • Coordination of exclusive product demos with fellow Capital Region manufacturers
  • Sandler sales training
  • ISO 9001:2008 training and implementation

Access to these critical services is made possible by the NIST MEP program.

Full Report: 2011 BullEx Case Study CEG BGS