Bus. Growth Solutions

The Center for Economic Growth (CEG) through the Business Growth Solutions (BGS), services small to medium sized companies (SME’s) in the manufacturing and technology sectors across several industries. These services help SME’s realize new revenues and increase profitability through assisting them in increasing sales, improving productivity and operations, launching new products, aligning executive team strategies, etc. These services are provided by internal team members as well as third party partners.

devinci-300x284_blue Tech Acceleration

Innovation in products, processes, markets or business models is the foundation of competitive advantage. CEG can help you systematically drive innovation in your business.


Business Growth

Growth is essential to the long-term success of any business. CEG can help you grow sales by leveraging your company’s unique capabilities and resources.


Continuous Improvement

Profit is the primary objective of any business. CEG uses a range of powerful continuous improvement tools that will help you increase your bottom line.


Supply Chain

Supply Chain is about getting your the resources you need, when you need them, at the price you require.  CEG can help connect your regional and national resources and best practices.


Sustainability & Energy

Sustainability saves you money, whether you are reducing your per unit energy consumption or reducing your environmental wastes. Let CEG make you more profitable by reducing your environmental impact.


Workforce Development

Finding, hiring, developing and retaining people is one of the major challenges facing manufacturers today, encompassing much more than just salary and benefits. CEG can help you with job training as well as resource connections to local high schools, colleges, and universities.

CEG Business Growth Solutions is NYSTAR’s designated regional Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Center for the 8-county Capital Region of New York State.  Since our founding in 1987, CEG has steadily worked to cultivate and connect the Region’s technology and manufacturing companies with one another, and to enable them to leverage the statewide and nationwide MEP network which includes about 1,200 professionals devoted to profitable manufacturing growth.