Business Growth Services

CEG provides executives and business owners with strategic coaching while growing your bottom line through continuous improvement and your top line through growth and innovation.

CEG Business Growth Services does so as NYSTAR’s designated Regional Technology Development Center and the designated regional Manufacturing Extension Partnership Center for the 8-county Capital Region of New York State.  Since our founding in 1987, CEG has steadily worked to cultivate and connect the Region’s technology and manufacturing companies with one another, and to enable them to leverage the statewide and nationwide MEP network which includes about 1,200 professionals devoted to profitable manufacturing growth.

CEG delivered $69.1 million in total qualified impact for manufacturing companies in the Capital Region during the calendar year 2012.

Over the six months we have immersed ourselves in Innovation Engineering training with the help of the CEG.  We now have a repeatable innovation process which will not only have a bottom line impact on Automated Dynamics but has provided a positive culture shift within the organization.  The process continues to evolve, but this along with other initiatives launched with the help of CEG have resulted in YTD revenue growth of 30% and YTD sales (bookings) growth of 200%

– Robert J. Langone, President, Automated Dynamics