June 13 2018
Economic Analysis, General

Many Capital Region Communities Were among NY’s Fastest-Growing in 2017

Three of New York’s top 10 fastest-growing cities were in the Capital Region in 2017. Even more, on a year-over-year basis, the eight-county region also housed the state’s second and third fastest-growing towns and fastest-growing village, according to a Center for Economic Growth (CEG) analysis of new U.S. Census Bureau data. Out of the Capital

June 13 2018
Economic Analysis, Employment/Workforce, General

Local Homeownership Rate Rises for First Time in 8 Years. What Does that Mean for the Labor Force?

The area’s homeownership rate last year rose for the first time since 2010. The uptick in this rate may provide clues to the area’s coinciding increase in its unemployment rate for the first time in six years, though economists remain divided over whether there is not only correlative but also a causal relationship between these

June 13 2018
Economic Analysis, General

Commuting Trends Highlight Growing Regionalization of the Capital Region

Residents of the Capital Region and its outlying counties are increasingly crossing county and state lines – and traveling longer – to get to work. At the same time, greater shares of workers in the region’s neighboring counties in Massachusetts and Vermont are likewise commuting across state lines. Taken together, these commuting trends support a

June 13 2018
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Success Story: GLOBALFOUNDRIES and the Capital Region’s Nanotech Assets

A long-awaited economic impact study released earlier this spring reached a conclusion that by now is not surprising to many in the Capital Region. The report’s authors, a Georgetown University research professor (Charles W. Wessner) and a semiconductor industry attorney, (Thomas R. Howell), said the economic payoffs of New York’s investments in nanotechnology “have been

May 16 2018
General, Regional/County Profiles

How Should the Capital Region Be Defined?

What is the Capital Region? The answer largely depends on who is asking and why. Are its boundaries being drawn to serve the purpose of a commercial market, community planning, tourism, standardized statistical reporting or economic development? With so many regional definitions circulating, it is easy to confuse them and the purposes they serve. Adding

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