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President and CEO, Center for Economic Growth
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Director, Business Development – Business Growth Services
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Project Director, Technology Services
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Program Manager, Talent Connect
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Center Director, Business Growth Services | MEP
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Director, Research & Communications
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Director, Business Development & Marketing
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Program Manager, Contracts & Reports
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Coordinator, Special Projects
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Director, Economic Development Services
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In Memory of Jeffrey A. Lawrence


Jeff Lawrence
Jeffrey A. Lawrence, Executive Vice President,
Center for Economic Growth

As CEG’s Executive Vice President for the past 21 years, Jeff was an experienced and motivated leader, responsible for manufacturing and technology programs, including work with the Chief Executives Network for Manufacturing and Bioconnex. Jeff also served as the Executive Director of CEG’s NYSTAR designated Regional Technology Development Center, assisting Capital Region’s manufacturing and technology companies to innovate and grow.

Jeff tirelessly shared his intellect, knowledge, experience, good nature, smile, humor and best judgment with each of us day in and day out. He made an incredible contribution over the past 30 years to the evolution and advancement of Tech Valley. He will be missed dearly by all who knew him and worked with him.

Donations may be made to the Jeffrey Lawrence Innovation Fund at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, P.O. Box 3164, Boston, MA 02241-3164 or online at


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