Promoting the Albany area and its benefits is critical to New York State’s success.  The Center for Economic Growth has been a strategic partner in spearheading the initiative to market TechValley to the world.

Steve Holiday, CEO, National Grid

[CEG] did a superb job at organizing and the attention to detail really made NY excel over our competitors. The fact that multiple regions were represented was a significant differentiator over other states and regions competing for business.

I was really impressed by the professional caliber of the group and the Advanced Energy Center made great gains at this meeting. We secured nine new world-class speakers for the 2009 Advanced Energy Conference, coming from as far away at Australia…For our region we received great value and this venture helped to fortify the State’s available energy groups into a more cohesive force.

Jim Smith, Assistant Vice President, Economic Development , Stony Brook University

CEG’s CEOConnex program gave us real assistance with helping us to challenge and develop a better strategic vision and in realizing bona fide company growth. You do not realize how important real-life type workshops and networking activities are until you have gone through them. We continue to use these techniques practiced in the CEOConnex program in our business today.

Richard Vaccaro, President & CEO, Valogix, Inc.

It was a pleasure to be with NY-loves Nanotech Pavilion this year. The entire team is so enjoyable and helpful to be around. This year’s show was extremely productive and successful…Thank you greatly for all your support and pulling SEMICON West together!

Adam Tarr, President, NEHP, Inc.

TechConnex events are a large part our Marketing Plan. Meeting new prospects, partners and contacts that are both ‘In the know’ and can ‘Get things done’ are a great value to a growing company.

Sam Goldstein, Samuel M. Goldstein Productions, Inc.

“The place we choose to live affects every aspect of our being… People are not equally happy everywhere, and some places do a better job of providing a high quality of life than others.”

Richard Florida, Urban Theorist, “Who’s Your City”

My team and I have been working with the Innovation Experts at CEG for the last couple of years. They have helped me to develop the confidence to lead my company in growth. My annual revenues are up 16% since starting to work with CEG. If you need your business to grow, give CEG a call. The Innovation Engineering System is worth the call.”

- Eileen Guarino, CEO, Greno Industries

Eileen Guarino, CEO, Greno Industries

I had high expectations for the IELI event and it far exceeded them. This was an intellectual boot camp that will dramatically transform the way we approach the creation, communication, and commercialization of our ideas.”

Dave Hauber, Technical Director, Automated Dynamics

Innovation matters because markets are moving much faster than they were even ten years ago. Businesses have to be faster and smarter. The Innovation Engineering System offered by CEG provides the tools, framework, and focus to enable any business to think smarter and more creatively. I know this first-hand having attended the Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute with the CEG team.

Shaun Mahoney, CEO, NextRidge, Inc.


Very intriguing and amazing. I am already using and working with some of the tools. This is a potentially game changing process and it is great that MEP is making it available to companies – especially small and medium-size companies. I have adopted the mantra ‘fail fast, fail cheap’ myself and now a number of colleagues are saying it too. We look forward to working with CEG to leverage the Innovation Engineering tools at Sonoco.

Mike Tucker, Executive Vice President, Sonoco Molded Plastics